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Safe Haven

An all-time hit with the global tourists, this South Pacific Ocean island is a part of the Oceania. Of all the Pacific Island countries, Fiji happens to be one of the most developed ones so far as the economic aspect is concerned. This dream tourist destination attracts nearly 250,000 people annually from different parts of the world. The land which is never short of splendid scenic beauties to mesmerize you, has a developing market economy which is primarily depended on tourism and agriculture. And so far as the agriculture sector is concerned, its world famous sugarcane industry holds the key. Located right at the tropical South Pacific, Fiji is blessed with ample natural resources. From abundant water bodies and rainforests to exotic mineral resources, the beautiful island nation has a long list of varied natural resources. According to the reports produced by several studies, the real GDP of Fiji is expected grow by 7.8% this year. Recently, Ariff Ali, the Governor of the Reserve Bank Of Fiji and the Chairman of the RBF board, has firmly stated that the Fijian economy is on its way to revival after two years of contractions led largely by the tourism industry. The RBF Governor says major sectoral performances are also upbeat as gold, timber, electricity production The RBF Governor says major sectoral performances are also upbeat as gold, timber, electricity production and consumer spending picked up in February. Thus, Fiji becomes a safe haven for foreign investors and business owners with exporting to Fiji becoming the best bet, considering every other aspect.

Present Day Economic Scenario

The world is still healing the deep wounds of the covid-19 pandemic, which has changed the global business equations upside down. The recent economic sanctions imposed on Russia for its brazen invasion on Ukraine and the growing tendency to abandon Chinese players, certainly opened up an array of fresh trade opportunities for the Australian businesses.

Tailor-made Ultra-edge

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