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Incredible India

India is an incredible nation which is celebrated worldwide for its unique unity in diversity. Since ages it’s been famous for upholding inclusiveness and pluralism. It’s certainly a super force to reckon with when it comes to its ample natural and human resources. The country boasts of rare flora and fauna, which makes it even more attractive.

Huge Market

17.7% out of the world’s total population, resides in India. That contributes to 1,404,073,193. India’s median age happens to be 28.4 years. In a nutshell, the country is blessed with a long range of varied potential consumers – that makes it a safe haven and dream destination for the foreign investors.

Exponential Growth

India remains the world’s fastest growing economy, projecting a growth rate of about 8% in FY23 and over 9% in the current fiscal year. The Indian economy is destined to reach 5 trillion dollars by 2024/25. This mind-blowing piece of information should prompt the Australian investors to go all guns blazing and make the most of the booming Indian market.

Policy Of The Australian Government

The Australian government, during the regime of Scott Morrison, has been crucial to the sustainable growth of the Australian export industry. They have taken various measures to make it easy for the Australian businesses eyeing it big on the global stage. The way the Aussie government has accelerated free-trade in such a short span of time is undoubtedly praiseworthy.

Policy Of The Indian Government

In the recent past, the government of India has engineered a host of fast-track international business deals and inked a long list of trade pacts with several countries, including Australia. The Indian government has tilted more towards a free-trade policy over the last few years. This is indeed quite exciting for the Australian business owners planning to expand their trade to India.

The Kangaroos Should Jump Long

It can’t get any bigger and better than this. Taking every other aspect into the consideration, it can be easily said that this is the right time for the Australian corporates to make giant strides by exploring the great Indian economy.

What Do You Need?

Starting a business in India is not a walk in the park. It requires immense expertise, sheer skill and utmost precision to successfully launch a brand on the Indian soil. In order to export to India or register company in India with partner , you need a trusted trade connector to take care of all the necessary details.

Absolutely Easy-Peasy

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