Beyond The Coffee Beans: The Fascinating Story Of Coffee And Its Unreal Saga In Papua New Guinea – Rise, Downfall And The Upcoming Revival, Thanks To AdzGuru’s Unique Trade Move The Trade Relation Between India And Papua New Guinea: Past, Present And Possibilities

Some Like It Hot

The strong smell of coffee finds quite a lot of takers around the world. Since time immemorial, it has been adored by innumerable people across cultures and civilizations. With the passage of time, it went on to transcend barriers and turn into an unparallel cohesive so far as the human bonding is concerned – successfully uprooting the identity politics formed by caste, creed and religion, to a great extent. In the present-day scenario, the coffee market is mostly dominated by two countries – Brazil and Vietnam. Along with water and tea, it makes the cut in the list of three most popular beverages in the world. The very presence of the alkaloid caffeine, which has a unique invigorating effect, contributes to its immense popularity in a great deal. Going by one of the legends, around 850 CE, an Arab goatherd named Kaldi was instrumental in the discovery of coffee beans, when he accidentally found the berries (which would be later known as coffee ‘cherries’) on which his goats were feeding. Immediately afterwards, it became the toast of the town and from then its popularity has only risen in leaps and bounds. Even, in the last few years, if one has to follow the trends, the global consumption of coffee is still on the rise. The following data by Statista speaks volumes about it –

Old Coffee, Gold Coffee

The beautiful island nation of Papua New Guinea embraced coffee nearly two centuries ago. It forms the very backbone of the country’s economy along with cocoa – export revenues top more than US$100 million per annum. Almost half of its entire population, which results in more than three million people, depend on the coffee industry. Papua New Guinea is home to the most sought-after variant of coffee – the Arabica one. The Highland grown exotic Jiwaka coffee and the exquisite PNG Gold Coffee is considered to be among the coffee club of elites.

Cold Coffee It Has Turned Cold

Despite having many feathers in the hat, the coffee industry in Papua New Guinea is experiencing a major downfall for the last couple of decades. Its golden era started to fade away from the ’80s and ’90s onwards it’s been on a sharp decline. There are various factors which lead up to its unfortunate saga:

  • Lack of modern infrastructure
  • Law and order issues
  • Constraint regarding new global markets
  • Failing to adapt with the changing times regarding branding and promotion

The millions of coffee farmers and their family members are having a tough time and their plight is increasing day by day, as most of them are not getting what they deserve.

Hope In The Brewing

Pretty recently, leading Australian 360-degree digital marketing firm, Adzguru has inked a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with Chennai’s GD Cafe PVT LTD and is now enabled to exclusively promote and market PNG Coffee in the Indian subcontinent and beyond (notably in the down under). This certainly comes as a fresh air of hope for the millions of struggling coffee farmers back home in PNG because it’s going to bring back the smile on their faces. Also, it’s an absolute moment of bliss for the numerous coffee aficionados in this part of the world.


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