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Among the Pacific Island countries, Fiji seems to be one of the most developed economies. It is still a developing nation and the fulcrum of its economy remains none other than the much celebrated sugar industry. With the other pillars of strength of its growing economy being – travel, tourism and fishing industries. Each year the number of tourists visiting Fiji, goes up to around 250,000. And those foreigners witnessing the scenic beauty of these beautiful islands and enjoying one of the best moments of their lives, contribute to the country’s economy in a great deal. Fiji is located right at the tropical South Pacific. Due to this very fact, the island nation comprises of ample natural resources and that too in wide variety. The long list includes abundant water bodies, rainforests and exotic mineral resources. These various useful resources bolster the country’s economy to a great extent. The coastal areas are blessed with numerous edible fishes ranging from sailfish, barracuda, big-eyed and dog-tooth tuna, several species of marlin fish and various others. Thus fishing plays a pivotal role in terms of business trades so far as Fiji’s economy is concerned. The fascinating fishing programs, full of excitement, on offer, draws visitors from all over the world. The small island nation is a force to reckon with, when it comes to the export sector. The list of the major exports follows –
• Gold
• Timber (Fiji boasts of extensive mahogony timber reserves)
• Ginger
• Coconut
• Still Mineral Water (primarily exported to the US)
• Garments
Another important sector of the country’s economy happens to be the real estate business. It’s instrumental to the sustainable growth of the Fijian economy. One mustn’t forget the value of agriculture in the economic aspects of the beautiful island nation. Agriculture holds the key, if we have a close look at the socio-eco-political aspects throughout the history of Fiji. This is a sector which remains largely dominated by the indigenous Fijians, who mainly focus on the following crops –

  • Copra
  • Cocoa
  • Kava
  • Taro (locally called Dalo)
  • Pineapples
  • Cassava
  • Banana

The minor economic sectors include manufacturing boats (both fishing boats and pleasure crafts), brewing and producing paint.
The major import of the country remains fuel. Whereas hydroelectricity generation happens to be an area of sheer excellence for quite obvious reasons. The following chart shows the nature of the country’s import sector:


Hence, exporting to Fiji becomes the best bet for the Australian businesses planning to expand their trade area.
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