We will let you filter more refined audience at the right time with the right ad.

Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC is the unique form of marketing, and it is easy to budget advertising dollars and track return on investment (ROI), while attracting traffic to your Web site and qualified leads and sales to your business.

PPC is referred to Pay Per Click advertisement, which is used by internal search engines, network and content sites depending on the consumers Keywords.

The beauty of this process is that advertiser pays only when consumer clicks on the ad.

PPC Advantages

  • Speed to Marketing, while it can take several months for search engine optimization to bear fruit, it takes only hours for a PPC campaign to start bringing in new qualified customers.
  • PPC has the ability to create a level playing field for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs with the best keywork selection and ad placement and their ads appear above or just below their competitors on search engines.
  • Businesses have complete control over what potential customers see in search results as well as ability to direct visitor to specific pages.
  • It also gives to complete control over advertisement budgets and gives advertisers the ability to use effective keyword research and demographic selection to target desired audience far more precisely than other forms of advertising.
  • PPC serves as an important market research tool, because it highlights the keywords and phrases that attract the best prospects and sales because there are around 4.6 billion internet searches in a year and it is increasing every year.

Budget & Priority Optimized

In today’s web-eccentric world, a well-managed and optimized PPC campaign can be one of the most cost-effective form of advertising because PPC allows you to target the desired customers.

PPC advertisement can be effective on multiple platforms; such as, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Google plus, and many content management websites.

PPC follow the 4 step process where initially it attracts the visitors on different platform, after that it converts the visitors to customers, then it helps to retain and grow customers and finally it helps to measure and optimize the customers.

Best Practices

For the best PPC campaign there are some best practices which AdzGuru experts have identified.

  1. Must have clear set of goals and objectives for your PPC campaign that tie in with you company’s current marketing objectives both online and offline.
  2. Devote the time and effort to analyse and identify the best possible set of keywords to use in your PPC ads from the very beginning of your campaign. • Write ads as precisely as possible.
  3.  Make the entire shopping experience as simple and user-friendly as possible for customers.
  4. Monitor the return on your PPC ads continuously to track success and analyze market trends.